Airbrush makeup

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Airbrush makeup artistry is a patented makeup application technique that utilizes compressed air to spray with fine mist of makeup. Airbrush makeup provides flawless, full coverage by minimizing skin imperfections while giving skin a beautifully natural finished looking result. It is water resistant and will lasts for 10 hours or more. The feel is natural; the look is flawless, the makeup that looks amazing and undetectable in photographs. The airbrush makeup is comes now under the limelight due to the advent of evolving digital media, including the HDTV & Digital photography. Hence, it is perfectly suit for Bridal, Party and Evening makeup for its ability to deliver a flawless complexion that photographs so beautifully. The result is natural, durable and picture-perfect skin - Now available to our clientele..

Features of Airbrush Makeup:

  • Creates a flawless finish in both real life and HD photography
  • It's light weight, invisible look while fully covering flaws
  • Lasts 10+ hours
  • Silicone-based & hypoallergenic
  • Most hygienic
  • Water resistant
  • Never looks a cakey effect
  • Balances all skin types